Life @ UPES by Prapti Allagh

UPES, a university located in the outskirts of Dehradun is a beautiful world in itself. It is the only university offering 70+ courses with a number of specializations in the field of engineering, law, design, and management. The USPs of this university are its campuses in Bidholi and Kandoli – the flowery pathways, graphic roads, every now-and-then busy cafeteria, the amphitheater, wifi across the entire campus and on top of that, the beautiful hill view is a dream come true. The campus is so enriched with greenery along with a healthy environment such that it builds up the prospects of good health and the feeling of being so close to nature.

UPES not only focuses on education and learning but also on over all development of an individual. It teaches an individual to build-up professional relationships with people who are working in the competent world out there. The atmosphere here at the Law and Management acres has a huge tinge of healthy competition among the students so that they are always ready for challenges. The events that are organized here are both of academic as well as entertaining in nature.

UPES provides all kinds of opportunities, be it academics or co-curricular. Fests such as UURJA, IGNITE, and Sparks are the highlights of an academic year. Well, the uniform dress code throughout the University promotes equality among the students. As they come from different states and cultures, it is very important for them to feel at the same level. And the corporate life is no different than being in discipline and adhering to the codes laid down. Here in UPES, we are being made to adapt to that environment in the earliest phase of our career.

The classes start with Personality Enhancement Program for the freshers and the friends we make in those 3 days of  PEP remain our friends for life.

Vultus, Paradise, Sanskrit, Exhilaration are the famous non-technical clubs for various activities like dance, music, and drama. One can discover their debating and oratory skills by being a part of the debating society and the oratory club. You will surely discover something new in yourself and it might become your passion.

Dehradun is a place for all the travel enthusiasts as well. Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Ponta Saheb, and Rishikesh are the famous travel destinations for the weekends with your friends.

UPES is a developing and an ever evolving university which is doing its best for the overall development of the students. With the breathtaking location and a wonderful scenery, it has a lot to offer so if one wants to explore himself and build-up as an outstanding personality, UPES is the place for you.

Written By

Prapti Allagh

BBA LLB (Hons.) with specialization in International Trade Investments/Banking, Finance & Insurance



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