Life @ UPES by Shubhangi Shrivastav

Keep close to nature’s heart and wash your spirit clean”, this is not just a quote but something which I have discovered in myself so far. It is not just about the mountains it is something bigger, which I went through. DEHRADUN has such a life-changing caliber! I never knew!

Coming straightway from home, eyes gleaming in the hope of achieving something, I got my admission into University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. In the midst of nature, this college is not just a college but a life changing roller-coaster! From being a low confidence and immature kid into becoming a confident, output oriented, optimistic and a well-groomed individual, this is what UPES has done to me! The college is not just about studies but a blend of so many cultivating and worldly activities that it causes a transformation in a person.

Be it the fest, cultural activities, the professional ambiance or the academics, UPES is standing apart from any other college and I am PROUD to be a UPESite !!

It is more of an inner journey!

Written By

Shubhangi Shrivasta

B.Tech in CSE with specialization in Open Source & Standards



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