Mohit Sharma shares his Industrial Tour experience

UPES provided an amazing opportunity for 3rd-year students of B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Avionics via an Industrial Visit to the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore  The main objective behind the visit was to give exposure of Industrial environment and working process.
The first day of the visit was scheduled at the Global Aerospace Leader, Boeing. We visited the Company’s corporate office where we were addressed by the Head of Boeing, Bangalore, Mr. Bala Bhardwaj. He walked us through the history and the working of the Company.

He also told us about the upcoming trends that can be seen in the Aerospace Industry. After him, we were addressed by two other technical heads of Boeing, Bangalore who showed us the Aircraft Simulator being developed by Boeing. The simulator is currently in the design phase and its objective is to design an airport and also plan the fuel efficient flight paths.

The last part of the meeting was addressed by the HR Head, Ms. Nisha Thomas. Overall, to conclude day-1, we could say that the most awaited Industrial Visit couldn’t have a better start.

The second day of the visit was scheduled at SAFRAN, which is also a tech-giant in Aerospace Industry. It’s been said that almost every aircraft which takes off and lands anywhere in the world contains a SAFRAN component in it.

Mr. Vitthu, MD of SAFRAN, Bangalore started the board-room meeting with his address in which he walked us through the working process and the company’s culture. Later, the Technical Heads gave their presentation on the upcoming trends and business goals of the company.

The meeting was carried forward by the HR Head, Capt. Nayyar who concluded the meeting by sharing some fantastic stories from his Military career and also guided us in terms of career choices. We also saw the labs in where the research work on Advanced Avionic Systems was going on.
The thing which I liked about SAFRAN, Bangalore was their culture. The company heads were very friendly and kind to us. They were aware of the curriculum followed by UPES and they seemed so impressed by it. We even had lunch with them to know them better and the second day of the visit ended in a great way.
On the third day, we visited a Fortune 100 Company, HONEYWELL. It’s been a while since HONEYWELL settled in India, so they have a significant number of employees working for them.The company heads introduced us to various sectors of the company and also walked us through their business goals.

We also visited the Research and the Project Development Labs where we learned about the ongoing projects and the stages that a project has to undergo before being approved for the commercial use. After visiting the labs, we had Lunch with the company heads and the 3-day visit finally came to an end.
I personally feel that it was a very nice opportunity for the students. I think so because not every day we get to interact with the Tech Giants of the Industry to know how they work and what they seek in the aspiring Engineers.

In my words, I’d say this visit couldn’t have brrn any better. The experience gained from the visit will help the students in setting their goals and also focus their minds on how they want their life to be.

I really appreciate the efforts taken by our Placement Coordinator to organize this visit and giving us a memorable learning experience.

Written By

Mohit Sharma

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering with spz. in Avionics



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