Campus Ambassador Program intends to share the voice of the present as well as Alumni students. This program focusses on sharing student achievements, their reviews, their life at UPES, important events, dignitary visits, fests, and many more things. Campus Ambassadors, representing the entire student community of UPES have to don this role by exactly reflecting what is happening inside the campus to the outside world. Being a Campus Ambassador, an individual will learn:

  • How to represent himself or herself as well the university in the cyberspace,
  • Mentor aspirants, and
  • Building and maintaining their personal as well as a professional profile on different social media platforms.

Responsibilities of Campus Ambassadors

Being a Campus Ambassador comes with a great deal of duty. It is not only a matter of pride but a responsibility to act right as well. A Campus Ambassador is the spokesperson of today and the inspiring leader of the tomorrow. A Campus Ambassador has to represent the University, as well as himself, to make sure that the true inside stories reach out to the people. To put it plainly, Campus Ambassadors are responsible for taking the University Branding to the next level while effectively increasing University’s visibility and improving career opportunities for the entire student community.

As a Campus Ambassador, an individual responsible for making sure that voice of the students reaches out the people who are outside the campus. Overall, you are responsible for every bit of content that is going to be created and disseminated. Responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador include:

  • Building a conversation around the following areas: campus updates & activities, student achievements, events, and overall experience of the students.
  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram,
  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram effectively and promoting student blogs via these social media platforms,
  • Creating, curating and contributing in the entire content generation process,
  • Using notified apps regularly by sharing the above-mentioned content to various
  • social media platforms, and
  • Inspire the fellow classmates, mentor each other, and work together.

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